June 7, 2023 Meeting

The Hammersmith Quilters Guild met on June 7, 2023 for its annual general business meeting.  First order of business was the traditional ice cream social.  Barbara Martinson and Kathy Connors were thanked for their work on the Refreshment Committee for the past several years.     

The members voted for Nancy Saundreuter, President; Kristin Callahan, Secretary; Joyce Rodenhiser, Program Chair; and Paula Fallon, Member-at-Large.  They will serve a two year term.  A joint Board meeting between the old executive board and the new one will be held sometime towards the end of June.  The membership also agreed to the proposed by-law changes.  The web administrator will post the revised by-laws to the guild’s web site when finalized.

During May, members voted on one of two quilts to represent our Guild at the New England Quilt Museum during their Summer Celebration of New England Quilts.  The members had to vote by only seeing pictures of the quilts and the quilting..  Both entrants brought their quilt to the meeting and explained how they came to make their quilt and their inspiration.  Gail Dwyer and Linda Anthony were the only two members who submitted entries.  Linda Anthony’s quilt, Butterfly Escape, will represent the guild at the exhibition.  The exhibition will run August 15 – September 9, 2023. 

The meeting ended with show and tell.  Click here to see some of the quilts shown.