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Quilting Haikus
Joyce Rodenhiser called my attention to a quilter named Renae Merrill, who makes something called Haikuilts (Haiku
+ quilts).  What is a haikuilt?  It is a small art quilt that accompanies and expresses a haiku- the ancient Japanese
third.  For information on Renae's haikuilts, see her website at
Here are some of Renae's quilting haikus:

Tiny squares of love
My soul rings with every stitch
Flowers fill my heart

Too many pieces!!
Too much hair being pulled out!!
WOW!!  What a great quilt!!

Little girl dresses
Memories in every piece
Stitched by loving hands

Anyone want to try writing one?  Here's my attempt:

Beautiful fabric
Measure before you cut, then
Measure one more time!

-Dottie Macomber