Hammersmith Quilters Guild
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep."
-  Scott Adams, cartoonist and author
Favorite Quotes
Favorite Tips
To remove little bits of fusible from your teflon pressing sheet, use an old credit card
to scrape off the fusible, and your pressing sheet is as good as new!
- Dottie Macomber
Favorite Resources for Quilters & Other Handicrafters
This website contains articles on the value of handmade items and
creations.  The author also includes worksheets that you may use to
track the true cost of your handmade quilts to help you price them
fairly, as well as invoice forms for you to use when selling your quilts.
This link takes you to a form developed by Moda Bake Shop, a website
by Moda Fabrics.  The form has spaces on which to record all the
dimensions and fabric needs for a quilt, as well as boxes to check off
to indicated whether or not you have the fabric for the sashing,
backing, borders and binding "stashed" or if you have to purchase it.  
You can use it to keep track of your progress on your UFOs; keep
these sheets together in a folder (or three-ring binder, if you have a
LOT of UFOs!) so you can peek at them once in a while and see what
you have to work on.  This will also give you a source of information to
use when going on shop hops.  If you feel like you MUST buy
something at each shop, why not check your UFO binder and see if
you need backing or other fabric for one of your unfinished projects?  
There is a blank area for Notes at the bottom of the sheet; I think that
would be a good place to attach a swatch of each fabric you have for
that project so you can take it along when buying the fabric for
borders, binding, etc.
Use a lint roller with the tear-off sheets to help keep the mess contained when
opening a precut, such as a jelly roll.  After removing the wrapping, if any, from the
jelly roll, run the lint roller over the top and bottom of the spiral before unrolling the
strips in order to pick up all those little bits of fabric that usually fall everywhere and
make a mess.  You can also run the lint roller all four edges of a charm pack or layer
cake to pick up the little "chibbles" of fabric from those precuts as well.
- Dottie Macomber
"There's no crying in quilting."  Oh wait, that's baseball.
This tip came in an order from Ami Simms!
"If a fabric is still ugly, cut it into smaller pieces."
"Some days you just need to stop and go bake brownies."
Sign seen recently in a sewing studio: "Yes, I really do need all this fabric!"