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May 2019 Newsletter
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September's Creative Quiltworks Project
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October's Creative Quiltworks Project
September's winners: 1st place, Kristin Callahan's purse; 2nd place, Margarita Blyumkina's quilt; and 3rd place, Margie
Berkowitch's blue Dresden plate.
Creative Quiltworks Project for Nov 2018 - May 2019
For each of  6 months, we will be making blocks to make a fidget mat.  Each month we will make two blocks
according to the posted themes.  On the seventh month, we will get the instructions to complete our mats.  
Bring your blocks in each month for the usual voting.  If you make several blocks each month, at the end of
the project you can make several mats.  We plan to donate them to a local nursing home or memory care
The winners for October were Dottie
Macomber, 1st place for her Halloween
set of trays, Margarite Blyumkina for her  
Christmas-themed tray; and Joyce
Rodenhiser, 3rd place for her tray with
November's Creative Quiltworks Project
The first place winner for November was Linda Reppucci. The second place winner was Joyce
Rodenhiser with her fuzzy bear block.  And finally, the third place winner was Dana Giunta.
December's Creative Quiltworks Project
December's winners were 1st place, Joyce Rodenhiser (sorry there's no photo- her blocks were
camera-shy!); 2nd place, Ellen Moore; and 3rd place, Linda Reppucci.
January's Creative Quiltworks Project
1st place: Ellen Moore (entry #1, left two blocks)

2nd place: Linda Reppucci (entry #3, right two blocks)

3rd place: Louise Nazzaro (entry #2, two middle blocks)
February's Creative Quiltworks Project
March's Creative Quiltworks Project
1st place, Ellen Moore, Entry #2
2nd place, Linda Reppucci, Entry #3
3rd place, Joyce Rodenhiser, Entry #1
April's Creative Quiltworks Project
1st place: Ellen Moore (entry 3)
2nd place: Joyce Rodenhiser (entry 2)
3rd place: Linda Reppucci (entry 1)
May's Creative Quiltworks Project