Hammersmith Quilters Guild
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Show 'n' Tell at the December 6, 2017 Meeting
January 2018 Annual Auction
President and Auctioneer Martha
checks out the next bag to be put up
for bids.
Martha was ably assisted by Linda,
who not only held up each bag as it
was auctioned off, but also delivered
each bag to its winner!
Looks like a bidding war between Jane and
And Maureen and Jane got into some bidding wars of their own!
No wonder Louise is happy; she was the winner of
the venerable Junque!  And I hear that her
husband is going to let her display it in a place of
honor (NOT!).
March 2018 Getaway Weekend
Dottie: "Hold it up high, Gretchen."
Gretchen: "I AM holding it up high!"
A wonderful time was had by all at our recent getaway weekend, and we got a lot accomplished, as you can see by the photos
below.  I apologize for the quality of some of the photos: some folks were in a hurry to show their stuff and then sit down, so some
photos are blurrier than I would like.  
Show 'n' Tell at the June 2018 Meeting
Just a few of the great creations displayed by our members at the June meeting
Janice Moore has been very busy with
patriotic projects!