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The following are links to some interesting and educational websites, as well as the
websites of vendors or speakers who have been at our guild recently.
Below you will find the links for various resources you may find useful or
interesting.  There are websites with all kinds of quilting information, links to
the websites of speakers and vendors we have had at guild meetings, and
links to various blogs.  Have fun exploring!
Blogs and Websites with links to Blogs
I recently met Tina at the library of the New England Quilt Museum, where
she was checking out books to study as part of her studies to become a
certified quilt show judge.  Her blog is a delightful combination of tutorials,
photos of quilts she is working on or has recently finished, and a list of
her current lectures and classes.  Perhaps we can get her to visit
Hammersmith Quilters!
For the story on why and how this stain
removal guide appears on our website,
see the story under our Tips page!
Note: Camp Wool will be relocating to "Down
East" Maine in late spring of 2021 and will no
longer be a convenient stop on the way to our
Saco quilt weekends.