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May 31, 2021

Note to self: When making a new block, read the directions. Then read them again. And again. That’s what I should have done when making the most recent BOM (Block of the Month), “Dancing Star” (see the directions on our Newsletter page). Anything that could have gone wrong, did, most of which was my fault. First, the fabrics I wanted to use were not the needed 42″ in width, meaning I had to make four separate shorter strip sets. Then I didn’t follow the directions about marking the rectangles to create the star leg; instead, I lined up the edge of the rectangle itself with the appropriate seam line. Well, it seemed to work and, since I had already trimmed off the extra fabric below the first resulting triangle, I decided to try the second strip unit and see if the results worked. They might have, if I had only put the rectangle on the same side of the strip set. Putting it on the other side meant the five fabrics in the strip set were not in the same configuration and wouldn’t create the same spinning effect. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of one of the fabrics (I was trying to use up leftover jelly roll strips) so I had to look for yardage and cut new strips and start again. This time, I marked the line on one of the rectangles and tried a sample quadrant; it worked! Yay! Now to mark the other rectangles and proceed. Wait- why doesn’t this look the same as the directions? Oh- I marked the line going from the OTHER opposite corners. It matters on a rectangle. Since my rectangles were white, I tried erasing the pencil lines as much as possible and remarking the lines- in the correct orientation this time! Ok, great, now all four quadrants were the same, and the resulting huge 20 1/2″ block looks great. (see below) However, I won’t put my name in the drawing; I really don’t want to see this block again!! —Dottie

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Dottie, I love this narrative, certainly a teaching moment, glad you shared it with us. Since I”m new to quilting (have been sewing for a long time though) I have learned something from this. I have never participated in a block of the month endeavor but will certainly try it the next time it comes along. Thanks again. It was just great to see some of the members at last nights meeting. Looking forward to October and getting out once again. Donna C.

Hi Donna,
I’m glad you enjoyed my narrative about what happens when I THINK I know what I’m doing and am too cocky and rushed to read the instructions!! Nice to see everyone at the meeting on September 1st; I hope we can continue to get together in person!


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