Hammersmith Quilters Guild
Recipes & Archives
To contact Hammersmith Quilters Guild with question or comments
U.S. Mail:
PO Box 1473
Saugus, MA 01906
President: Martha Mazeika
Vice President: Gail Dwyer
Treasurer: Carmen Arnone
Secretary: Dottie Macomber
Program Chair: Joyce Rodenhiser & Janice Moore
Member-at-Large: Sally Nimblett
Program Committe
Co-chairs: Joyce Rodenhiser & Janice Moore
Dottie Macomber

Refreshments, current and for 2019-2021
Co-chairs, Barbara Martinson & Kathy Connors

Monthly Drawings
Fat Quarter:
current: Barbara Adler & Linda Gauthier
for 2019-2021: Barbara Talanian & Linda Talanian

Name Badge:
current: Margarita Blyumkina & Gerry McCaul
for 2019-2021: Janet Dalis

3-for-$1 Raffles:
current: Linda Anthony & Lesley Pew
for 2019-2021: Bev McGrath

Creative Quiltworks, current and for 2019-2021
Chairperson: Kristin Callahan
Ellen Moore

Charity Donations, current and for 2019-2021
Chairperson: Gretchen Berkowitch
Sally Nimblett
Louise Nazzaro

Chairperson: Merle Gordon

Dottie Macomber

Guild Representative to NEQM
Dottie Macomber

Quilt Show Chairs for our 2020 Show
Dottie Macomber & Holly Petersen