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The New England Quilt Museum is now open with restrictions and safety protocols
in place to keep visitors, staff, and volunteers safe.  They are operating under their
reduced hours and are open Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00
each day. Please see their website for visitor information:  
On View March 3 through May 22, 2021

The primary color, yellow, and its secondary neighbor on the color wheel, orange, have
played an equally capricious role in fashion and fabric trends throughout history. Just as
fashion-conscious women have found it difficult to wear these colors in their purest hue,
so have quilt makers been challenged to use them aesthetically in quilts. The colors’
unpredictable rise and fall in popularity did not dissuade Gerald Roy and Paul Pilgrim from
acquiring quilts that included either or both yellow and orange when they began collecting
in the 1960s. As Roy explains, “The fact that so many were available to purchase, in
unused condition, says a great deal about styles, trends and fashions, and how the public
is influenced by color.”

In this exhibition for the New England Quilt Museum, Roy has selected quilts that range
from the last quarter of the nineteen century to the early 20th century. “I think these quilts
say a great deal about how color was used by past generations of quilt makers who were
obviously not intimidated by styles or color prejudices. They show a real sense of joy and
abandonment in the pursuit of pure personal expression.”

To complement this exhibition, the Museum presents, A Slice of Cheddar: Yellow and
Orange Quilts from the NEQM Collection, on view in the Donahue Gallery, March 31
through June 19, 2021.