Hammersmith Quilters Guild
Recipes & Archives
The Hammersmith Quilters Guild was founded in 1981 by a group of women interested in
the art, history and making of quilts. The purpose of the guild is to pass on the knowledge
of and interest in quilting as stated in our Mission Statement below.
Meeting Schedule and Cancellation Policy
The Hammersmith Quilters Guild meets at 7:00 pm on the first Wednesday of the
month from September through June at the Saugus Senior Center, 466 Central
Street, Saugus. Meetings will
not be held if Saugus schools are closed due to
inclement weather.
If it is necessary to cancel a meeting before a school closing announcement has
been made, notice of cancellation will be sent by e-mail and posted on the Guild
website as early as possible on the day of such cancellation.  Members without
internet access should call a Guild Officer.
Mission Statement
The mission of The Hammersmith Quilters Guild is to promote the appreciation,
enjoyment, and knowledge of quilting as an art form and a craft to its membership
and to the general public.  The Guild encourages quilting for the benefit of charitable
causes and provides opportunities to broaden quilting skills through educational
inspiration among quilters throughout the greater North Shore of Massachusetts and
offers support to the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts.
Guest Policy
Hammersmith Quilters Guild welcomes guests, whether they are visiting from
another area, have come to see what the Guild is about or are accompanying a
friend or relative who is a Member.

A guest is a non-Member attending a Hammersmith Quilters Guild Meeting.  Guests
may attend any* monthly meeting for a $5.00 fee unless otherwise posted.  The
guest fee is usually $10 when we have an outside speaker, but check the Calendar
page, where the information for each meeting is posted.  Guests may also attend
Guild-sponsored special activities on a space available basis and upon payment of
a guest fee determined according to the activity.

  • Guests may not participate in regularly scheduled Guild activities (Raffle
    drawings, Creative Quiltworks, Fat Quarter raffle,  Mystery Quilt, etc.) when
    attending a meeting.

  • *Guests may attend any meeting with the exception of the December Pot Luck
    Dinner and the June Ice Cream Social.  
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rising costs of postage and copy fees, guild members
requiring hard copies of the newsletter must provide 10 self addressed stamped
envelopes to the Secretary each year to ensure getting the newsletters through the
mail for that guild year.
The Guild's membership is limited to 120 members.  At present, we have 106
members, so there's room for more!